Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

Technology with a Personal Touch


With the Citadel app you can take advantage of active wealth management for the modern age. Our client portal, My Secure Zone, connects you directly to your advisor and can be accessed from the homepages of our various platforms. Once open, follow the instructions to register.

My Secure Zone gives you access to a host of easy-to-use features. Not only will you be securely connected to your financial advisor, you will also be able to view the state of your investments and download your quarterly reports. Through My Secure Zone we can keep you in the loop by alerting you to pending transactions that have an influence on your investment values, and you will enjoy access to insights and analysis that could potentially impact your portfolio.

My Secure Zone also houses other important financial data, such as your tax certificates and your last will and testament, which are stored securely in our virtual storage facility: Vault.

The trading desk will allow you to view market indicators, create a custom stock watchlist and trade JSE listed shares online. Your advisor can provide more details about this service, as well as the related fees.

Our digital platforms are by no means designed to replace your advisor, but rather to bring this human interaction ever closer to you. These platforms have been carefully designed to enhance our tradition of genuine personalised wealth management, with a little help from smart technology.

Reach your remarkable. Join us in the My Secure Zone.