Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

Treating Customers Fairly

"Treating Customers Fairly" (TCF) is an overarching approach to financial services and is a project developed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). It provides for six policy outcomes, which aim to ensure that all financial services clients are treated fairly.

Citadel has always been committed to treating its clients fairly. This is a core focus of our business. Through our TCF committee we actively strive to attain the six TCF outcomes at all times.

These six outcomes are:

  • Right culture: clients can be confident that they are dealing with a company where the fair treatment of clients is central to the corporate culture.
  • Right targeting: products and services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified client groups and are targeted accordingly.
  • Right information: clients are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.
  • Right advice: where clients receive advice, the advice is suitable and takes into account their circumstances.
  • Right delivery: clients are provided with products that perform as the company has led them to expect, and the associated service is both of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect.
  • Right post-sale treatment: clients do not face unreasonable post-sale barriers when wanting to change product, switch provider, submit a claim or submit a complaint.

Member of ASISA

At Citadel, we choose to be actively involved in the industry within which we operate. The investment industry is highly regulated and is very dynamic. Change takes place through regulation, industry development and client feedback. We believe that we need to help shape the environment where we can, which is why we have representation on industry body’s various committees and working groups.

The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) represents the majority of the country's asset managers, collective investment scheme management companies, linked investment service providers, multi-managers and life insurance companies. ASISA's members are considered the custodians of the bulk of the nation's savings and investments and are among the country's biggest contributors to the national GDP.

ASISA enables the savings and investment industry to speak with one voice. It represents the unified goal of ensuring that the industry remains relevant and sustainable into the future in the interest not only of ASISA and its members, but also the country and its citizens. Citadel has representation on the following ASISA committees and, in addition, is involved in various ASISA working groups:

  • Investments Board Committee
  • Regulatory Affairs Board Committee
  • Transformation, Skills Development and Education Board Committee
  • FAIS Standing Committee
  • Collective Investment Schemes Standing Committee
  • Disclosure and Standards Standing Committee
  • Tax Standing Committee
  • Employment Equity and Education Standing Committee
  • Hedge Funds Standing Committee
  • Marketing and Distribution Board Committee
  • FICA Standing Committee
  • CIS Operations Standing Committee

A member of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa.