Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

At Citadel, we offer advice. Not just on where to invest, but, more importantly, why.

That’s because we know our clients. And each of them has goals, dreams and ambitions. A life beyond money. A remarkable. As specialist wealth managers, our job is to help you reach that remarkable. Whatever it is.

It's always personal.

We understand what drives our clients. We know what they mean by 'success'. We realise how hard-earned their wealth is, and we're mindful of what keeps them up at night.

That’s because a new client journey always begins with a conversation. How do you prefer to live your life? Where is your untapped potential? What kind of legacy do you want to leave your family? Your investment temperament is carefully matched to your advisor’s. Then the planning begins. No two investment strategies are the same. Every new portfolio is different. Each individual gets our full attention.


Your ambition. Our expertise.

Wealth brings many benefits, but can also mean a great deal of complexity.

So we spend time asking, listening, and discovering. Our ultimate aim is to deliver simplicity. 

This is achieved through actuarial cash flow modelling, enabled by our market-leading proprietary software systems. Add in the expertise of our professional and progressive team, and you’ve got the best investment approach for your specific requirements.

Although we map your ‘financial future’, we also offer a continuous real-time perspective on the effects of your current decisions and circumstances. At all times, you’ll be able to draw on a superior level of fiduciary, risk, and asset management experience to protect and grow your money. Both locally, and internationally.

Throughout our time together, we’ll continue to revise and assess your needs and ensure that your financial plan stays flexible. In addition to your dedicated advisor, our area specialists are also always on hand. Everything we do remains confidential; you can be sure of our discretion.

The future is uncertain and impossible to predict. While we cannot forecast the future, our team of experts can build investments that are able to cope effectively with uncertainty. When unforeseen events arise, our portfolios are built to absorb such uncertainties and stay the course. Employing this approach means emotions can be kept out of the process. We stress-test our investment strategy and portfolios against various economic scenarios and adjust portfolios where necessary to minimise the impact of uncertainty and unexpected surprises. In this way we acknowledge and mitigate the risk attached to an uncertain future.

Strict adherence to these pillars guards against emotional investment decisions and enables Citadel to construct robust, long-term portfolios. This is the bedrock of our investment philosophy; and the approach which underpins our investment practice.