What is the meaning of being a CITADELION? As part of our motto we pride our self to improving the financial well being of individuals and families through authentic, long term and caring relationships. Especially when it comes to our Employees. We also believe that our employees are our Ambassadors.

Here is a list of Citadel branded clothing and gifts as part of our remarkable Journey. Let us know what you want to buy as part of identifying and belonging.

Please select your gift from the list below.






We also celebrate Nelson Mandela’s centenary this year. This coin is the perfect way to commemorate this joint celebration. A percentage of the proceeds of these coins will go to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.




Capture your remarkable memories with this 720 pixel, 30fps, 30m waterproof camera. Includes waterproof casing and accessories. 





Step out as a brand ambassador in this hooded, elegantly branded, Citadel winter jacket. 




A Citadel branded unisex laptop bag. Nothing is more stylish than a simple, yet elegant, genuine leather sling bag. 


Bag Dimensions:

Height = 265mm

Depth = 100mm

Width = 385m




What does 'Brand' mean to you?


You will receive your personal Citadel 25th anniversary gift later in the year. Please note that these gifts are being custom made for you. As such, once you have made your selection, you will not be able to change your mind. We also want you to have something tangible with which to celebrate this great occasion in Citadel’s history, so your selection will not be transferable for other financial options or cash.

The cut-off date for your gift selection is 20 August 2018.

If you are unable to choose or miss the deadline, we will make a selection on your behalf.