Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

You are cordially invited to our Partner’s Conference. As a community and partners from all teams, offices and business units; we get together to engage, strengthen existing relationships and form new connections.

The agenda and other formalities will be shared soonest. We do need to start our planning and therefore this invitation and RSVP please.

We will be spending the morning and afternoon of the 2nd of October as our annual conference and the celebrate Awards together  the evening of the 2nd. No formal agenda for the 3rd.

Please do plan ahead if you want to also make use of this opportunity to arrange client meetings whilst you are in Gauteng.


Date:   02 - 03 October 2019    
Time:   10:00    
Dress code:   Informal (evening dress-code TBC)    
Venue:   Michaelangelo Hotel






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