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"I started out as a dishwasher. A damn good dishwasher."

Q&A with Luvo Ntezo

Who inspires you, who is your mentor or role model?

I’m inspired by our deep-rooted heritage, diversity and passion within our wine industry. I wouldn’t ever single one person out as my role model.

What are your views on money, career and education?

Live within your means, manage your money well and let it work for you, not the other way around. Choose a career that defines you and is in sync with your passion and values rather than just income. You’ll be rewarded with a balanced life. Education gives credibility, insight and an ability to grasp logic in every business decision you make.

What were the hardest lessons learned along the way, and the decisions you made that shaped how your life changed from living in a township to where you are today?

I once had a car repossessed in my young days because I couldn’t afford the repayments, however that didn’t embarrass me but helped me think through every financial decision I make. Since then, I’ve managed to intensify my savings and have bought my cars cash ever since, and continued staying debt-free. Money no longer fascinates me. My family and I live modestly in quiet Durbanville.

You talk about being yourself in business and why this is important.

I want to inspire my children to go to university, study, not to be employed but be creators of employment, instil values of time management, a tremendous work ethic and knowing that sustainability of the business depends on the decisions they make. Business isn’t just about trading, it’s about prioritizing someone’s time, giving value and creating an experience for those that support your business.


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