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Financial Planning

Your investment journey starts here. Your ambition, our expertise.


Our wealth management specialists go beyond financial advice to get to know you and to help you achieve peace of mind, as well as something seemingly ordinary – the freedom to choose.


Wealth brings many benefits, but can also mean a great deal of complexity. We spend time asking, listening, and discovering. Our ultimate aim is to deliver simplicity.


Throughout our time together, we’ll continue to revise and assess your needs and ensure that your financial plan stays flexible.


Our specialist team seeks out investment research, locally and globally. The goal is to determine economic outcomes in the medium- to long-term. A wide range of asset classes is assessed. Drivers and sources of returns are evaluated. The findings on the fundamentals of each asset class are then used as the basis to construct and manage different portfolios for our clients, over time. Markets may change, but our objectives remain consistent.


We value the curious. They’re the kind of people who produce deep insights – which translate into future-focused decisions. Nowhere is this more evident than in our approach to asset management. We research, we understand, we apply that knowledge. We use a robust, analytical process to make sense of the uncertain global environment – to give us the facts we need to make consistently accurate forecasts.

Citadel is driven by our four investment pillars which govern the protocols around how we invest and preserve your wealth. The core of our investment philosophy is to ensure that turbulence of any form does not equate to a permanent loss of capital.


Our expertise not only covers the South African investment landscape but extends offshore. If your personalised financial roadmap calls for global solutions, your advisory partner has immediate access to our Guernsey-based dedicated product specialists. The Citadel team in the UK has a thorough understanding of the European regulatory and legislative environment. As the centre from which all our global funds are managed, their hands-on approach translates into fast and efficient implementation of any investment decision you make. What’s more, if you’re a non-South African resident, our Guernsey presence means you can enjoy access to discretionary investment solutions.


We offer various different fee structures. Some of these include a fee based on the performance of your portfolio managed by us. We believe all our fees are market-related and we offer the real benefit of a personalised, fully-integrated investment solution.

Citadel meets all the requirements of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act on disclosure of fees and costs. We are also proud members of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa, and comply with their disclosure related standards.

When you compare like with like, Citadel offers true value.


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PAS is the administrative financial services provider for the Citadel Group. A Linked Investment Service Provider (LISP). PAS provides access to the Citadel Group’s complete local and offshore investment offering which can be held directly or via investment vehicles such as living annuities, retirement funds, tax free investments and endowments.

PAS is licensed under the Financial Advice and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) as a Category III administration services provider and is regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA), with the FSP registration number: 546.


All contributions paid to PAS in respect of discretionary investments are paid into a trust bank account opened by PAS which can be in South Africa or offshore. All client money is held separately from the assets of PAS and the Citadel Group.

All discretionary investments made by clients are held in the name of a nominee company called Peregrine Solutions Nominees (PSN). This ensures that the investments of clients, both local and offshore, are kept separate from the assets of PAS. PSN acts as an independent custodian and has been approved by the FSCA for this purpose. The role of PSN is to hold investments in trust on behalf of clients.


PAS is approved by the FSCA as an administrator of retirement funds. PAS has been appointed as fund administrator by the Preferred Pension Preservation Fund, the Preferred Provident Preservation Fund, and the Preferred Retirement Annuity Fund. These funds are separate legal entities registered under the Pension Funds Act of 1956 and is tax approved under the Income Tax Act of 1962. The FSCA is responsible for regulating these funds.

Any money paid to these funds is paid into a bank account in the name of the fund and all investments are held in the name of the applicable fund.


These are administered by PAS and issued by either Peregrine Life or Momentum Metropolitan, licensed by the Prudential Authority (PA) under the Insurance Act, No 18 of 2017. All contributions paid for the purchase of the policies are paid into a trust bank account and all investments underlying them are held in the name of the insurer or a nominee or custodian appointed by the insurer.

Peregrine Life is licensed to underwrite linked investment policies. The value of a linked policy is equal to the value of its underlying investments. Peregrine Life does not guarantee the returns on linked policies and is not authorised to conduct any risk insurance business. It is therefore not exposed to the risks inherent in products that require the underwriting of life assurance and disability policies.


Investment is a mix of science and art. But, even as we evaluate and assess that mix, we always aim to minimise risk. That means finding and appointing the best advisors in the business. It means separating our research and portfolio management teams. And it means scrutinising, debating, and distilling every portfolio decision.


Money isn’t static. It moves across countries and between borders. It connects people.
But, movement comes with its fair share of risk. So, when you’re thinking about taking your money offshore, be sure to partner with someone with the right knowledge, skills, and sense of security. As part of the Citadel family, Citadel Global provides in-house treasury management for both individual and corporate clients. Citadel Global offers highly competitive rates and services that tap into world-class technology. Expect seamless end-to-end solutions and smart forex advice.


Our approach to portfolio management is a holistic one. Importantly, a key feature of our offering is the internal rate of return. This is calculated from inception, at the end of the month, on all portfolios. This means clients can see the annualised return on their total investments – and not only the return on the current holdings, as is the industry norm. We offer this additional service at a brokerage rate that is one of the lowest in the market.