Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

Employee benefits

Designed to work for both employers and employees.

Employee benefits should be as tangible as possible – accessible, secure, and focused on financial wellness. We can assist by crafting and implementing appropriately structured, cost-effective solutions – for the long haul.

Our services

  • Scheme benefit design and implementation
  • Selection and monitoring of appropriate retirement fund administrators
  • Risk benefit solutions
  • Investment consulting services
  • Bespoke, targeted member education and member communication programmes
  • Implementation of appropriate fund compliance and governance
  • Integrated personal financial planning advice


Time for a check-up?

Medical aid costs form a substantial part of any employer or employee’s budget. Managed incorrectly, corporate healthcare schemes can become an exponential liability to any company. In a worst-case scenario, staff members can also inadvertently become victims of a failing scheme that was originally meant to be a benefit.

Understanding your medical aid is the first step to success. What are the core offerings? What about chronic-condition cover? What’s the difference between the pay-out rate and the actual hospital rates? And what about gap cover?

At Citadel, we can help our corporate clients implement a well-structured, in-house medical aid. (We can also take over the management of an existing scheme.) Always included in any package: our ongoing assistance and advice.

How do you benefit?

  • Independent advice
  • Assessment of medical aid product offerings and options
  • Corporate healthcare scheme sustainability
  • Assistance to your human resources department
  • Additional medical aid services as part of the group benefits offering

Financial wellness programmes

Wealthier, healthier, happier.

It’s proven: when employees feel financially secure, a company’s profits usually increase. People feel more satisfied, loyal, engaged – and productive.

We can offer your workforce a range of intelligent, financial literacy solutions. These are not advice-based, and there’s no product push. The only outcome we’re looking for is individual empowerment.

With our help, an employee’s personal plan can also be optimally integrated into the company’s benefit scheme.

 Our services

  • Overall financial wellness programme for executive and senior management. 
  • Themed presentations
    • Two hours in duration: contact us for information about the range of topics.
  •  Workshops
    • Three half-day workshops, with a focus on retirement planning, money management and retrenchment.
    • Year-round programme, which consists of ten modules (these are: my relationship with money; financial life stages; my monthly budget toolkit; making sense of debt; my debt reduction plan; savings and investments; my family and money; estate planning and wills, and lastly my annual financial planning).
  • eLearning: a three-module digital course about money management.
  • Financial health check: an online, anonymous questionnaire assessing the financial stress of employees, as well as the financial risk to the employer.