Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

Designed to work for both employers and employees.

Employee benefits should be as tangible as possible – accessible, secure, and focused on financial wellness. We can assist by crafting and implementing appropriately structured, cost-effective solutions – for the long haul.

Our services

  • Scheme benefit design and implementation
  • Selection and monitoring of appropriate retirement fund administrators
  • Risk benefit solutions
  • Investment consulting services
  • Bespoke, targeted member education and member communication programmes
  • Implementation of appropriate fund compliance and governance
  • Integrated personal financial planning advice


Time for a check-up?

Medical aid costs form a substantial part of any employer or employee’s budget. Managed incorrectly, corporate healthcare schemes can become an exponential liability to any company. In a worst-case scenario, staff members can also inadvertently become victims of a failing scheme that was originally meant to be a benefit.

Understanding your medical aid is the first step to success. What are the core offerings? What about chronic-condition cover? What’s the difference between the pay-out rate and the actual hospital rates? And what about gap cover?

At Citadel, we can help our corporate clients implement a well-structured, in-house medical aid. (We can also take over the management of an existing scheme.) Always included in any package: our ongoing assistance and advice.

How do you benefit?

  • Independent advice
  • Assessment of medical aid product offerings and options
  • Corporate healthcare scheme sustainability
  • Assistance to your human resources department
  • Additional medical aid services as part of the group benefits offering



Citadel Financial Protection Proprietary Limited is licensed as a financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002.