Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.


It has been proven that the financial wellness of employees has a direct effect on the bottom line of an organisation. Greater financial wellness generally leads to a more satisfied, loyal, engaged and productive
workforce, which in turn produces better business outcomes.

Citadel Financial Wellness will assist you to empower your employees with financial knowledge and understanding that will help them manage their life priorities today and into the future.

We offer a range of intelligent, financial literacy solutions that are implemented in the workplace. All programmes are non-advice based and there is no product push. The outcome is personal financial empowerment and
financial capability.



Overall financial wellness programme for executive/senior management

  • Themed presentations - two hours in duration (contact us for information about the range of topics)
  • Three half day workshops with a focus on retirement planning, money management and retrenchments
  • Year round program which consists of ten modules (The ten modules are: my relationship with money;
    financial life stages; my monthly budget toolkit; making sense of debt; my debt reduction plan; savings and
    investments; my family and money; estate planning and wills, and lastly my annual financial planning.)
  • eLearning
    a digital course about money management comprising three modules
  • Financial health check
    an online, anonymous questionnaire assessing the financial stress of employees, as well as the financial risk
    to the employer