Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.


Building your wealth isn’t easy. It’s an immense personal achievement that takes time, perseverance and sacrifice. It’s only appropriate then that we truly get to know you. We ask the right questions and dig deep when it comes to understanding what your wealth means to you and where you want it to take you in the future.  



This process of open and honest debate and discussion around your affairs empowers us to accurately match solutions - be they as simple as the management of a fund or a more complex offshore portfolio - to your needs. Whether you are about to retire, are an entrepreneur looking for security or an executive planning for your future, we will design a robust financial plan that gives you peace of mind and ultimately the freedom to explore what your wealth allows you to do and be.

 Our solutions encompass:

  • financial planning
  • asset management
  • retirement planning
  • risk management
  • tax advice
  • structuring of offshore investments
  • fiduciary
  • estate planning
  • philanthropy advisory services



When you become a client our job as your strategic wealth management partner really begins. This is where you will experience what we mean by ‘wealthcare’.

Throughout our journey, we will continue to revise and assess your needs and ensure that your financial plan adapts to your changing circumstances. In addition to your dedicated Advisor, our team of fiduciary, risk, tax, offshore and asset management specialists are always on hand, making sure that every aspect of your financial plan is expertly covered.



We’re not passive managers waiting for problems to solve; rather, we actively identify, pursue and recommend adjustments that enable your portfolio to constantly adapt to the changing world. Our personal, proactive and comprehensive method of managing your wealth, backed by our world-class proprietary investment management systems, means that we can implement a financial plan that is robust, flexible and appropriate for your future.