Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised financial services provider.

One trusted advisor, multiple investment platforms.

We offer a progressive approach to holistic portfolio management. By including share portfolios in our comprehensive offering, clients can now engage with a single manager across all their investments.

How do you benefit?

The process is simpler, and completely transparent. You’ll have insight into your investments and the associated costs, at any time.

What’s more, this approach presents the opportunity to invest only in high quality companies for the long-term. Earnings over time translate into capital growth and/or inflation-beating dividend income.

Return rate and fees

A key feature of our offering is the internal rate of return. This is calculated from inception, at the end of the month, on all portfolios. Clients can now see the annualised return on their total investments – and not only the return on the current holdings, as is the industry norm. We offer this additional service at a brokerage rate that is one of the lowest in the market.