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Although building and securing the wealth of our clients is the Peregrine Group’s top priority, we also recognise the need to contribute towards the socio-economic development of South Africa. In addition to our staff-lead charity initiatives, Peregrine aspires to spend 1% of its South African subsidiaries’ net profit after tax on social initiatives. The group’s Socio Economic Development (SED) forum which comprises representation from Peregrine SA Holdings, Citadel Group, Peregrine Securities, Peregrine Capital and Java Capital oversee the allocation for funds to a number of beneficiaries.



Babies home for children who have been abandoned, removed from their families or awaiting foster care/adoption. Welfare One month's funding to allow the shelter to run at full capacity.
BrainBoosters partners with early childhood development (ECD) entrepeneurs to identify, train and mentor young children. Education: early childhood development ECD projects to establish services including skills-training and entrepreneur resourcing in previously disadvantaged communities.
Based in Mooiplaas informal settlement, Pretoria, this preschool provides vulnerable children with nutritional meals and education in a safe and stable environment. Education: early childhood development A deposit for a larger property near their current location that will allow them to accommodate all their projects with ease.
An independent trust established to support financial consumer education initiatives. Education and training Promotion of financial education through a variety of projects to previously disadvantaged individuals.
HCG seeks to raise awareness of the evils of genocide, the consequences of prejudice, racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, and the dangers of indifference, apathy and silence. Education: high school Education related activities including learner workshops for up to 10 000 learners, workshops for up to 500 educators, as well as hosting between six to eight temporary exhibitions and accompanying educational workshops per year.
The organisation runs residency programmes for the mentally challenged in order to help them focus on their capabilities rather than disabilities. They are helped to live fulfilling lives in a happy, homely and safe environment. Welfare Repairs to one of their buildings.
A second chance for 60 young grade 12 learners who failed mathematics and science or have not achieved a university exemption in these subjects. Education: high school The fund contributes to centre resources: Laptops and software, science and mathematics resources, student guides and manuals.
Foundation establishes early childhood development (ECD) centresin disadvantaged communities. They also provide programmes that are aimed at the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of children. Education and welfare Operational costs including education, food and stationary for 22 children for a month. Contribution also funded a nationally accredited teacher training course and on-going career development for a member of staff. Our Mandela day contribution saw us help convert a storage container into a new library for the children at Diepsloot crèche.
SAME aims to improve healthcare and education in poverty-stricken communities through high-impact, focused projects. Education: primary school Revamping a classroom at the Tirisano-Mmogo primary school in Cosmo City, Johannesburg. The quintile one (no fees school) serves the poorest in Cosmo City. Our Mandela day initiative saw staff paint two classrooms.
This transition to independent living facility provides youth leaving children's homes with guidance to develop their skills, further their education and source suitable housing in order to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible adults. Education and welfare Supporting two mentor-mentee relationships for a year.
An organisation dedicated to empowering impoverished and marginalised communities through sustainable, community generated-and operated projects and programmes. Health and education: intermediate and high school The donation covers the full year's budget of working with learners at Ndebeni intermediate and Shiobianya high school (2000 learners). The programme formalises sexual education in both schools as well as the purchase of 200 'Dignity Dreams' sanitary packs (re-usable for five years) to assist with reducing absenteeism among female students.
Registered non-profit organisation that facilitates literacy programmes in rural schools. Education: high school School fees, boarding fees, books, uniforms, stationery, school trips and other travel costs for three school girls from the rural literacy program at Mokgophe primary school, who have been accepted to study at Rustenburg educational college.